Remote Syslog has a stable version to use. (released on 15-02-2017). Feel free to test and install Remote Syslog. Remote Syslog is currently tested with 400 Cisco devices and had no problems saving or displaying syslog messages.

1. Version and changes

1.1 Latest BETA:

02-01-2018:  Version BETA: Added a search bar to the GUI. This is a concept version of Remote Syslog and no final product.   Before you install the BETA version make sure you installed version 1.1.3 stable.  This BETA is a upgrade of 1.1.3.

1.2 Latest version:

18-09-2017: Version 1.1.3: Small update in GUI and CLI.  Supported O/S changed to Debian 8.x / 9.x and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Raspberry Pi new O/S support Stretch. (stable)

Note 1: The upgrade bug can be resolved if you run “rsinstaller -a” twice. (Triggered when upgrading: installer does not load the extra installation file). Version 1.1.2a and lower.

Note 2: The following legacy commands are removed: syslog_installer, remote_log and remote_livelog

Note 3: Version 1.1.2 and higher is tested for Raspberry Pi.

Note 4: The next version removes support from Debian 8.x and Raspberry Pi O/S Jessie.

1.3 Previous versions:

05-04-2017: Version 1.1.2a: Fixed upgrade binarie, added a option to send all local logging to the Remote Syslog file, fixed cosmetic bug. (stable)

01-03-2017: Version 1.1.2: Added binaries for Debian and Ubuntu with 64-bit, 32-bit and ARM + OS select added. (stable)

23-02-2017: Version 1.1.1: Added listener on TCP 514 + updated test CLI and GUI commands (stable)

18-02-2017: Version 1.1: Added function to restore default configuration (CLI) + rsview can be run without root permissions (stable)

15-02-2017: Version 1.0: Bug fix GUI + new CLI installer with update over internet + new CLI rsview and rsinstaller commands (stable)

14-02-2017: BETA 1.0: Bug fix GUI + update installer + new CLI rsview command(removal remote_livelog and remote_log commands).

13-02-2017: BETA 0.9: Bug fix GUI + update installer.

11-02-2017: BETA 0.8: Fixed some bugs.

10-02-2017: BETA 0.7: Fixed some bugs. (Not publicly available)

08-02-2017: BETA 0.6: Changed GUI color / Added GUI buttons / Changed daily rotation to weekly / Fixed some bugs / Installer has a auto-detect upgrade/full setup. (Not publicly available)

05-02-2017: BETA 0.5: BUG fix symlink + added per host archive. (Not publicly available)

02-02-2017: BETA 0.4: Added GUI and archive button. (Not publicly available)

28-01-2017: BETA 0.3: Early GUI with bugs. (Not publicly available)

10-01-2017: BETA 0.2: Added color pattern to CLI. (Not publicly available)

27-12-2016: BETA 0.1 First release, CLI only. (Not publicly available)

15-12-2016: ALPHA 0.1 Concept bash version. (Manual available)

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